‘How often, as managers, do we find change is met with resistance?’

Main Article: ‘Change Management: Sponsorship Mapping

Published July 2013

‘Maintenance of Instruments in Hazardous Environments’

Main Article: ‘BSEN 60079 Pt17: Maintenance of Instrumentation in Hazardous Environments.’

Published May 2013

‘Do Instruments today give us so much information that we don’t know what to do with it all?’

Main Article: ‘Intelligent Instrumentation

Published May 2013

Change of Premises

We are proud to announce that Infinity Automation has relocated to a new premises in the Riverside Business Park in Irvine, Scotland. Ideally located close to major clients within the Life Science industry. The new Office is located within the Ayrshire Innovation Centre which was confirmed as an enterprise area for Life Sciences by the Scottish Government in April 2012. The change of Address means a change of contact details which have been updated.

Publish May 2013

How much Effort do you put into preparing for Regulatory Audits?

Main Article: ‘21st Century Calibration Management

Publish May 2013


Today marks the launch of the Infinity Automation website.  The company started trading in Q4 2012 and is now engaged in supporting some of the worlds major pharmaceutical companies in Europe and the USA.  Currently we are engaged in projects in the UK, USA and continental Europe.

Published Feb 2013


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