About Us


Infinity is an Automation and Process Control company that is a combination of business, engineering and IT infrastructure expertise that specialises in the provision of services to support Manufacturing Operation & Control systems lifecycle management

Its strategic intent is to serve and support the changing business model of Life Sciences to be part of the new generation Automation solution support, bringing together the latest, most accurate and most efficient state of the art techniques in the support of Manufacturing Operations critical systems.


The mission of Infinity is to become the premier provider of Business focused Strategic Systems lifecycle management within Life Sciences.  Fully understanding the changing business environment to ensure we reduce costs, increase efficiency and system availability through our processes and solutions, providing increasing process information, diagnostics and manufacturing intelligence.  Infinity is dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers through quality processes, business driven engagement, and strives to be recognised as leading the change in approaching technology solutions in a way that fully supports the business needs.  The company’s goal is to grow steadily, becoming profitable by the second year of operations and attracting key professionals that fully understand our vision.