Mission Statement
Our ambition is to improve the Life Science Business service by enabling Manufacturing Automation systems to be more effectively utilised to deliver quality lower cost goods faster.

Business Objectives

  • Become a key consultancy for Life Sciences, Automation Vendors, System Integrators
  • Build a secure Business through a proactive approach to understanding the changing needs in Life Sciences and meeting those requirements
  • Leverage a key knowledge and experience to provide best in class Automation solutions
  • Work with the best people to enhance the Infinity brand as a key support group within Life Science

High Level Business Plan

  • Future approach to Life Science Automation
  • System refresh, revenue profiling, outsource support
  • Secondary Manufacturing Infrastructure
    • Information Gateway for Legacy Systems
  • Continuous Manufacturing
    • Scaleable transferable flatform through Product Lifecycle
  • BioPharm – Biologicals
    • Manufacturing Operations and Control Strategic Design
    • Project/Program Delivery methodology
    • Data Modelling
  • Consultancy
    • Business and Systems Programs in Life Sciences
    • Complete Manufacturing Operations & Controls space

Value Proposition

  • Utilising our Life Science experience, knowledge of Automation and supplier base to increase the Business benefit realised by Automation Assets
  • By evaluating current status, then utilising proven tools and developing strategic plans that focus on adding value to the Business in a co-ordinated way
  • Recognise best in class solutions, leverage, replicate and deliver to cost and plan